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Summer Programs

 Beats and Boards 

Beats and Boards combines skateboarding and electronic music to get kids engaged in their creative brainspace and active outside in the fresh air and sunshine, having fun with new friends. 

For our music sessions, children work together in groups to craft a piece of music that they record and share with their family at the end of the camp. We use analog instruments, so there are no screens involved. The experience is highly explorative; instruction time is kept to a minimum to allow children more time to play.

Our Skateboard sessions mostly take place on foam mats to minimize risk and make the learning process safe and fun. Our curriculum was developed by USSEA (United States Skateboard Education Association). It places strong emphasis on incremental progression and awareness of body dynamics. Children are taught all the necessary skills before getting on a rolling board, so that they can be successful in their first experience and get that exhilarating feeling of achievement when they get rolling on their own.

We incorporate mindfulness, community building, and emotional intelligence into our program so that the children can get a well rounded experience. 

We work with all families regardless of income to make this opportunity available for all children in our community.

Dates for Summer 2020 not set yet, coming soon!