Lead Educator - Devon McCabe


I believe that it's important to be passionate about the things we teach so that we can ignite children with the drive to be actively engaged and empowered in their lives. I have studied alternative education for 13 years, as well as majoring in early childhood education with an emphasis on art and music. I volunteered in schools and daycares beginning in 2007, and became a full time employee of the Olympia school district in 2014 specifically working on the special needs support team. My training in the area of special needs has taught me a lot of patience and to really value the learning needs of each child, understanding that not all children want to be met in the same way.

I am also a USSEA Certified Skateboard Educator and have been trained specifically in safety and proper progression which allows the student to progress in a way that is most supportive for them. By offering skateboard education it is my goal to encourage kids to get off the screens and tend to their bodies' physical needs in a way that is fun, engaging and encourages them to meet goals so that they can feel proud and encouraged to keep going. 


It feels incredibly important to me that we do all we can to support our future generations in being courageous and innovative, and I feel it is my life's work to do all I can to further that goal.

Music Specialist - Rocco Strain


Hey! I'm Rocco – I'm a music, movement, and mindfulness instructor with a passion for teaching through skills-based creative play. I started playing music around the age of 2 and have spent the last 20 years exploring the magic of organized sound, a process which has fundamentally shaped how I interact with the world.


My educational background includes audio engineering; cultural studies; early childhood development; and positive psychology, and I have professional experience as a DJ, composer, and live performance artist. I currently work as a mindfulness specialist and paraeducator at Garfield Elementary, and I teach music production and ukulele (both privately and as a volunteer for afterschool programs). 


When teaching music, my approach is centered around empowering students to create something authentic and unique, something that illuminates the ways their inner and outer worlds connect. My favorite part of working with kids (besides getting to be silly and imaginative) is witnessing their creativity blossom, which I aim to nurture though supporting their innate individuality


Rocco is a certified yoga instructor and has over 7 years of experience working in public schools


Empowerment Officer -

John Parker Phllip Morgan

I’m an Evergreen alum and I studied youth empowerment because I think youth are social innovators who only need opportunities to discover themselves and they’ll change the world around them. 


I’ve been doing academic intervention and social skill building with youth aged 5 to 14 for 5 years. I’m an alum of the Youth in Service AmeriCorps team of Community Youth Service where I provided trauma informed care, mediation services, conflict resolution, encouraged positive youth development, and tackled social issues like food justice by building a community garden for the Evergreen Vista Apartment’s with my AmeriCorps team.


I take a constructivist and experiential approach to education; every child starts wherever they happen to be, progresses at their own pace, and is encouraged to make mistakes for the sake of learning.